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color does not include a cut or blowdry 


Custom vegan blonding- $185.00+

Partial highlight-$150.00+

Halo highlight/ Face frame- $115.00+

Base color- $85.00+

Gloss- $45.00+

Additional color bowl- $30.00

Rebonding treatment- $50.00


Transformation- $110.00

Medium long- $85.00

Short cut- $65.00

Blow dry/ style $50.00


New hair tape in 1 box- $120.00

Re- tape 1 box- $160.00

Tape in additional box- $120.00

Re-tape additional box- $160.00


Brow shaping- $55.00

Brow maintenance- $30.00

Lip wax- $30.00

Chin wax- $30.00


Rachel is a skilled stylist with a passion for crafting stunning looks since 2013. Specializing in color, she excels in grey coverage, balayage, and natural highlights.

Rachel's commitment to excellence extends to using organic, plant-based hair color and non-toxic homecare products, ensuring both beauty and hair health.

She empowers clients by teaching them how to manage their hair at home and provides a relaxing sanctuary for rejuvenation during salon visits.

Rachel's expertise extends beyond color; she specializes in dry haircuts, allowing her to create the perfect custom haircut tailored to each client's unique features and preferences. Working with all textures and lengths of hair, she will create the cut for you.

Outside the salon, Rachel finds joy in nature, indulging her love for camping and hiking. As a certified yoga teacher and a student of plant medicine, she explores holistic practices to complement her craft, embodying a well-rounded approach to wellness and beauty.

With Rachel, expect not just a hairstyle, but an experience of pampering, confidence, and holistic care.

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